The difference

Sunset from my balcony – 24-Aug-2016

The alarm goes off, and I wish I could just stay longer in the bed, under the cozy covers. Endless other wishes come running into my little door of my mind.

I wish I had hot coffee waiting for me to sip when I get up, I wish I could get out of the bed with music ringing in my ears. I wish I could hug my kids and kiss my husband and read a few devotions without having to hurry through the mace of life.

My wishes are interrupted by the loud ring on my phone, its time to get into the cab. The cab waits, and I slip out of my house without being noticed. I wish I could read a book, knit a few goodies instead I fall into a deep sleep and end up with quite a few muscles sprained at the end of the journey.

I wish I had a better job with greater flexibility, friendly colleagues and a workplace which endlessly rewards me. I sometimes do wish I never had to work and was a stay at home mom, spending more time with my girls.

I wish I had a better, bigger house with a vegetable garden where I could sow, plant and reap and bask in the glory of its bright colors.

I wish I had enough money that I could go on trips without having to budget, plan and think twice on spending.

I wish I had a fairer, flawless skin, long flowing hair!

I wish I could eat everything I wanted without having to hesitate or say “no” to high calorie, fried and yummy food. I wish I could weigh less, I wish I could get back to my pre-pregnancy shape.

Then there is social media suggesting me who I have to be. There are people getting promoted, they are people relocating, there are people checking around the world and I wish I was everyone at their best and there are some others wishing to be me – a paradox!

I wish for some rest and peace after exhaustion then come my little ones yanking and wanting my attention. I wish I had enough energy left to listen to their chatter, carry them around roses and flowers, singing merrily and playing with them instead I shout and scream impatiently, trying to put them to sleep so I can have some time alone to just sip some hot coffee staring at the vast sky.

Cognizance comes likes a cloud engulfing my mind and slowly begins to uncover and strip my wishes of who they truly are..

Wishes can be a kaleidoscope to see what we value in our hearts and the most selfish desires we seek out continuously.

Materialistic wishes to fill our sinking greed -big homes, fancy cars,  expensive jewelry, luxurious vacations. Selfish wishes to safeguard our wounded pride like rewards and recognition’s at places we work, accolades and appreciations in societies and a name and lots of fame at our neighborhood.

Wishes for material prosperity to satiate our greed… or Social success to feed our hungry pride…

Wisdom calls out to us to differentiate if wishes deep inside of us lead to apprehensions, despair, discontentment, envy and the likes. Rather do they drive us to dream higher, work harder and act wiser to have an abundant life?

Learning to differentiate…

Do I wish for material prosperity and social success to fill my greed and pride?

Do I wish for blessings and exaltation which fills me with love, joy, peace and hope?

On the outside they may all look same but it takes a lot of wisdom to see the difference 🙂


John 10:10


The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.

Jesus came that we may have life and have it abundantly.


Matthew 6:33


Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you.


Romans 14: 17


For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.


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