When you know you can’t do much

Hannah – Easter 2016

A long Saturday with numerous tasks came to an end, I was only dreaming of hitting the sack as soon as I can. My hopes of rest came crumbling down with a load of Hannah’s excitement, inquisitiveness, laughs and her stubborn will of being awake past 11:30 pm.

She laughed and played for sometime as my mother in law watched TV in the living room. I was waiting to pounce on the tiniest sign of sleep on Hannah’s face, unfortunately she was only getting excited with each passing minute.

Tired and grumpy as I was, I chose to put her to bed even if she dint like it. I tossed her onto the bed convinced that she will have to sleep. The moment I hurled her onto the bed, she screamed waking her dad from his deep sleep. He got up pacified her and locked the room, switched off the lights, and tried to put her to sleep.

It was completely dark, Hannah was still not ready for sleep while we both just needed that. She kept crying and tossing and my husband was too tired to watch over her and went back to sleep. In the dark, I watched her and was amazed at what she did.

She crawled down the bed, slid on the side and went to the door and bent down to the light that was seeping in from the living room into the dark bedroom. She was calling out to her grandma to rescue her from the dark room of sleep into a living room filled with life and activity.  When her constant pleas for help were rendered fruitless, she did the only thing she knew – She cried loudly, sternly, deeply and pointedly, to be set free!

The cry moved me, I got down opened the door and she was happy to have seen light.

Often there are times when we are locked inside closed doors, we see signs of light but nothing seem to be happening. Sometimes, it might seem like a never ending tunnel, it may be a difficult, dark valley, could be an unending sickness, an emotional turmoil, troublesome conflict with no solutions, or just dirty sin that drags us deeper!

The times when we have done everything we can, when there is nothing else we can do –

Pray, cry, wait on the Lord and remember the answer is on its way!!



2 thoughts on “When you know you can’t do much

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  1. I just loved the way you put this……. Faith is something everyone should have in God… And truly, if you desire something with all your heart, n work towards it, you just need to wait with that faith for God to give it to you in the time just right for you!!

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