Lunch time Reflections

Apologies for the poor quality picture.

I was almost finishing my meal which included a boiled egg sandwich, veg salad, fruit juice and there was also raita which is a combination of onions, cucumbers, carrots, green chilies, tomatoes in curds.

The chilies were too spicy making each spoon of the raita hard to eat. I sat patiently picking up the chilies and dropping them into another portion of the plate. No sooner the curd was free from those hot, tiny, chilies I relished and emptied the raita within seconds.

It reminded me of something my husband told me this morning “He said that we need to remain patient and what we may be experiencing currently is more of training and mending for something that’s in store so that we can be blessing to as many as possible in the future.”

There are so many of those hot spicy horns within each of us, our maker is patiently and carefully removing them one by one with every new challenge and situation that cloud us. One day when he’s done we can see the beauty of it all.

We need to learn, be patient, and hope in God for his purposes to be fulfilled in our lives and for his glory to be revealed.

Good day 🙂


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