Greater Purpose of Pruning


The last few months have been eventful, the two incidents that hallmarks them are – My dad’s younger brother who has blood cancer was on the ventilator a few months ago is now walking and normal, it is nothing less than a miracle. Two days ago one of my moms elder brother was on the ventilator and was given only 10 mins of survival time, and he narrowly escaped death however his right leg has been amputated.

These two incidents have been giving me a heartache whenever I try to comprehend the pain they may be enduring, the troubles their nearest family members may be going through. It is unimaginable to dissect God’s plan in such instances, far be it to understand the logic behind all of this.

At dusk today I went to water plants, with little more extra time on Sunday I thought I will clean the pots and pull out the weeds. I observed that the tomato plants had both branches that were drying up and new tender shoots with new flowers in some pots. Tomatoes had given me a good crop but the number of fruits and size of the tomatoes was dwindling. For growth of better fruits, the plant required removing the old dead, dying leaves and while I was pruning the plants by mistake cut one little fruit and yes it died a bad death.

That was a moment of revelation!

It is no ordinary thing, that my uncles are alive today after being on the ventilator – It is purely a miracle. God has a purpose for our lives and this life he gives is a gift. I believe God is sovereign and his ways beyond our understanding. He uses sickness, situations and circumstances to teach all of us, to repent and get closer in relationship with God. It is his way of pruning our lives, unlike me he makes no mistake.

The very challenge, situation, sickness, disease, problem facing you and me is THE best for you and me – to learn, to change, to grow and bear fruits.

Be Pruned 🙂


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