Steal, Kill, Destroy!


Busy days, packed with monotonous cycles of work kept me away from my little living pots. Thanks to my Nanny who just doesn’t take care of my baby but does also water my plants when I’m busy. She’s indeed God’s provision, I’m extremely thankful and in awe of God who provides!

After almost a week, I got to visit my plants this morning and not surprisingly I found a spider had got comfortable in its web amidst the tomato shrub, there were white flies hiding underneath the leaves. The jasmine sapling almost killed with some unidentifiable pests.

Nutrition in the form of water and sunlight kept the plants alive, they dint do well to avoid the pests.  An abundant life, for plants to thrive, bear fruits – nutrition alone is not sufficient, pest control and management is equally important

Today’s reminder –

Going to Church, Reading the Bible, Praying definitely nourish us and keeps us growing.

How about identifying the pests that attack us all through the day and night?

Have we allowed the spider to weave a web of emotions – anger, jealousy, disappointments, hurts, bitterness, past failures, dissatisfaction, discontentment,  greed, and pride that have the ability to STEAL our peace.

Are we being KILLED by the arrows that fly through the day, the pestilence that stalks through the night? We live in a fallen imperfect world and we are bound to be effected by the wrong choices made by others. Can we rise above the hate or are we getting KILLED?

Does the web we are caught in DESTROY our focus, vision, family, relationships, productivity, and God’s good plan for us?

Satan is very smart – his strategy is crystal clear. He attacks the MIND and steals us of our peace, kills our joy, which affect our BODY eventually wanting to destroy our SOUL. Ain’t it evident with rising medical expenditures, increasing blood pressure, diabetes, cancer etc. Doctors say most problems are because of our unhealthy lifestyles and STRESS.

Inasmuch as we focus on getting the right nutrition to keep growing, dont be caught off guard by the pests that attack us every minute. 


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