Doggy and Doraemon


In an endeavor to make a photo journal of my kids, I took some time off, going through all the precious pictures through the last 6 years. One after another, each picture sketched my mind with their memories, my heart raced, joy plunged deep within. The indulgence was gratifying!

The weather added to the joy, (breezy, quite pleasant for a summer day), couldn’t keep me at my seat, I quickly decided to logoff and wander through the flurry.

Driven by countless lovely impressions of  the little lives that gave meaning to my existence, went into a kiosk looking for gifts to surprise them. Amidst the many little toys, I found a cute little doggy attractive, since my kids love the cartoon character Doraemon I picked him up too,  sent them into attractive wrappers to alleviate feelings!

I sat through my journey with a heart full of emotions, envisaging the two hugging me for having brought them gifts, kissing the gifts and playing with them and sharing with each other.

The two came running to me as I entered the door, the excitement rose threefold when I told them I have a surprise for them. They grabbed the gifts and shredded the glossy sheet wrapper. No sooner the gifts were opened, my fantasies disintegrated into pieces.

The reality emerging out was chaotic!! Jessica had the Doggy in her hand, and Hannah the Doraemon, Jessica wanted the Doraemon and Hannah wouldn’t let go of it. Hannah managed to grab both the toys and Jessica left with her sobs!

The surprise turned to be a shocker, the kisses I imagined twirled to brawling, the playing spun into fighting and sharing a distant dream!

I gave them a good shout, took away the gifts leaving them with their grandma who was already grumbling that I made a mistake of not buying similar gifts. They went crying to their grandma’s house , leaving me alone with the toys and thoughts for this post!

Ooucchhhh… It just hurts that so often we behave like these little kids. God Almighty who loves his children, showers unsparingly his valuable gifts, yet our innocence overtakes, our narrow mindedness accompanies, nearsightedness closes in, and we are trapped in the stronghold named comparison!

Wanting what others have, makes us loose sight of what we do have. We can only multiply what we see. Justification of our unique gifts is none other than being blessed to be a blessing!

May today God grant us the grace to see what’s in our life, multiply them and enter his glory  and be told, “Well done, good and faithful servant”.




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