Swap or Fix

I'm grateful, thankful and absolutely thrilled about being back to college. IGNOU is absolutely a delight for distance learners who would like to study with their lean time and resources. I loved maintaining my records in my college and used to spend hours on sketching the diagrams especially in botany and zoology. I've always been known... Continue Reading →


A reminder of the road not wanted

It happens to be an acquired practice that I doze off as I sit in the cab to take me on my hour and a half long journey to office. There have been times, I was more productive reading books, crocheting or catching over the phone with a friend or two. Nevertheless, I've begun enjoying... Continue Reading →

The Plans

Exactly a month ago I was lying on the bed at the hospital after being informed that our third baby was dead inside my womb. Our original PLAN was to have our third baby introduced to us and the world this day - January 10th 2018. The baby would have been 38+weeks (Jessica and Hannah... Continue Reading →

Jane Patricia – Gift from God

A Summer day in 2017 changed our journey for the last 8 months. A seed of hope, expectation, new dreams, excitement and a new outlook was sown in our hearts. We discovered we are going to be parents for the third time! The surprise was both exhilarating and frightening, initially I was often found wondering... Continue Reading →

Most Common Pitfall

We are to order our lives by the light of His law, not our guesses about His plan. -- J. C. Ryle I was awakened by this quote so simple in its content yet so powerful in its message!   Jeremiah 29:11 - For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord,... Continue Reading →

Doggy and Doraemon

In an endeavor to make a photo journal of my kids, I took some time off, going through all the precious pictures through the last 6 years. One after another, each picture sketched my mind with their memories, my heart raced, joy plunged deep within. The indulgence was gratifying! The weather added to the joy,... Continue Reading →

The Tree and the Bird!

A stroll at my office walkway, a fresh dose of breeze wakes my sleeping mind, the sun rays sharp yet mild seeps in, waking my every cell. There are some days, where I want to spend a few more minutes just walking and soaking around in the mildness of the morning. Today, was one such day I... Continue Reading →

Steal, Kill, Destroy!

Busy days, packed with monotonous cycles of work kept me away from my little living pots. Thanks to my Nanny who just doesn't take care of my baby but does also water my plants when I'm busy. She's indeed God's provision, I'm extremely thankful and in awe of God who provides! After almost a week,... Continue Reading →

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