Hey there! Hello,  I am Vinodhini Charles by birth unfolded as Vinodhini Gibson by choice. A working mom of two beautiful angels, a faithful wife,  a radical daughter, a candid mortal!

Life has been pretty crazy for the last few years, and yes you’re right! Content here is thereby a trickle down from life’s little things, big God reflections.

It’s challenging to think about who I want to be, what I want others to think, what others actually think and Who I am in reality. Well, the content is out there for you to make your perceptions about me 🙂

If there’s anything you want to ask of me you can reach me at

Christmas 2016


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  1. Dear Vindohini,

    I found your post on April’s website.
    I am a Polish-English child of immigrants to the USy.
    My best friend from the US is Hindu from Tamil Nadu. I have since been baptised and now am trying to get close to Christ. While my friend is very dear to me, extremely well-meaning, I am afraid of the spiritual influence on our children at some point. My sense is that my friend has a very eclectic philosophy and is somewhat lost. As you seem to be Indian and possibly from near Tamil Nadu? when I saw your post I immediately had the thought, perhaps as a Christian Indian you have an opinion on this topic? Im sorry for all of my assumptions!

    Is there somewhere where I can contact you privately on this?

  2. Hi:) I just found your site and happy that I did:) I started blogging in January in hopes of also encouraging others in Christ. I want to invite you to check out my site, and if interested please follow me back. I think that it is important to support others on this site as we all are working to encourage others for Christ Kingdom 🙂 Keep up the Great efforts for HIM:)

  3. I am very impressed and thankful for the little I have read. I see that you are in the Word. I feel most of us Christians live by outward excitement and experience and not by reading God’s letter to us. I want to encourage you to keep on going and bloom where you are planted. Satan wants to keep us too busy to read God’s Word or spend time with mature believers. May the Lord grant you wisdom to share what He has shown you to those who do not know Him. Your desire to be a woman of God’s own heart impresses me. Blessings to you and your family.
    Don Koilpillai, Olympia, WA.

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