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A try to write my own poems!

The “SEED”

This is a Poem I wrote in Aug 2009 titled “The SEED” based on my favorite Bible Portion Romans 12

I’m posting this now, because this blog is here to stay for a while and I want to make use of it 🙂

It makes me wonder to see a tree blossom and bloom;
The very thought that it all started in the gloom!!
So tiny and hard surviving the deep dark soil;
The Little Seed amidst darkness toil.
Suffers beneath to reap fruits of awe and wonder;
By the passerby’s who stop and ponder!

Every Life is a soil with many a seeds;
Grown along with deadly weeds!
Seeds of Love to be nurtured within every heart;
That cant be destroyed or by money bought!
Weeds of Hatred and Bitterness are sown along;
By the evil one, shouldn’t be grown for long!

Joy and Peace are to be sown and reaped;
For every moment that passes by!
Patience has to survive the darkest circumstance;
While anger diminishes the very instance!
Pull out weeds of Jealousy and Pride;
Harmony blossom and bloom on every side!

Let every Good Seed survive the tempest drought;
And the end of all Evil Weeds sought!
Life becomes fruitful and all the more colorful;
Blooming all the way bearing new fruits every day!
Of Gladness and Shouts of Eternal Joy;
For the Harvest of sowing Good SEEDS we will Enjoy!!

Servant Leadership!

I know of a man who though a king was born in a manger

He lived at a carpenter’s house with not many luxuries

Parting the glory he once had, became a common man

I was thinking hard if there has been a time when he compalined

If he ever murmured about his earthly struggles

All I could find was that he always spoke facts but never grumbled

He said he dint have a place to lay his head, while the foxes have holes and birds nest

But he never questioned His Father, Why should I not have a bed?

I thought perhaps because he had supernatural powers it was easy for him

But, the secret was simply that he knew his purpose was to fulfill God’s will!!

When the people of the world questioned him he never argued!

Tough situations dint bother him, but he always gave solutions!

He trusted His father for four drachma coins from the mouth of the fish

Not to feast or have a heavy meal but to pay taxes and abide by the law

He choose twelve ordinary men to be part of his ministry

Taught them not with words but by acts even if it meant washing their feet!

Kings of kings and Lord of Lords was questioned by an earthly king

With all his glory he could have justified his calling but He chose few words

If today I’m called after this Great Man, do I reflect his character?

Do I grumble about my struggles or say May your will be done?

Do my actions speak volumes or my words make a jarring noise?

Have I recognized my purpose in life is to fulfill his will?


Two sides of the same coin!

Flip a coin and you know at a point it can be either head or a tail

Toss your life and you will see the same phenomenon

I saw a caring, loving and a kind person

But sooner realized one could become too possessive in love

Intelligence I  thought could make someone behave good

Well, I smelled intelligent people can be cunning as well

Have you noticed smart people could easily lie?

The good of “love” could be just the “lust” of bad

You either could be self controlled or full of selfish ambition

Peace could be turned to fits of rage, discord or even jealousy

Well you could bucket them all in two categories

You could either call them as the good’s and the bad’s

Or you could choose to say them as positives and negatives

No matter what you term them as you are with Paul on Romans chapter eight

Either you are controlled by your flesh or your controlled by the Spirit of God

There is always a war waging within us to choose between the two

Our actions can define who is controlling us – Flesh or the Spirit!

~To FAIL and not FALL~

I’ve time and again fallen prey for riding high on my dreams!

I fantasy about things to come, too anxiously…

I start believing that my dreams will turn true

I involve myself rigorously in prayer

Asking God to help me with my dream

When the day dawns and I expect to win

In a second I know I’ve failed and my dream is untrue

Failure is one of the bitterest feelings of all

I toss and turn and for sure I turn against God

With my failure I’m bound to fall

But, I sense something very peculiar

A battle raging in my mind waging against my will

My broken heart is angry with God for my torn dreams

But in the silence of my heart, will and mind

I know I will fail but not fall away from the presence of God!!!

Two Sisters

I have always admired the Bible for ages

Primarily for the way it comes alive each time

Today was the turn of the two significant sisters

Countless times I’ve read about them but this time

The revelation brings me down to my knees

Martha and Mary were loved immensely by Jesus

Martha radiated her duty through the eyes of the world

She was caught in the scuffles of household chores

While Mary outlines service at the feet of the Lord

Dissimilarity dint separate them from the love of God, the two were loved


Together they acknowledged Jesus as their Lord

Mary chose the right thing, but Martha caught up with her

Sisters claimed that everything is possible with God

Their faith was beyond imagination

And brought their dead brother alive! Hallelujah

Mercy and Grace are our heavenly provision

Like Martha’ites our eyes are off God and on the world

Sin entangles us still His great mercy saves us

As Mary’ites we probably are incapable and unworthy

Yet His Grace finds us and satisfies us with good things

Additional Reading for Understanding
Luke 10:38-42
John 11

Unconditional Love

As a child I perceived the things I see

To be the most vital elements of happiness

Colorful candy, the fragrant flower

The perky butterfly, they all brought a smile

As a juvenile I assumed love to be an expression

When I got whatsoever I wanted from somebody

I rolled into my teens and I understood

Things unseen may perhaps be foundations of pleasure

I raced my thoughts open wide and did learn

Jealousy, pride, ego are all immoral

While I held love, truth, justice in high regard

Love seemed an intense attraction for a man

Adulthood caught up before I thought I need to grow

Just then did I realize I was already surrounded by weeds

Novel challenges spun new opportunities

And love seemed to be a distant dream and so unreal

Caught up with the racing world and tasks

Nothing appeared constant so did love

Motherhood I thought would help me understand love

Oft cited example of unconditional love but

It seemed so erroneous to me

I did love my little angel, but amidst frustrations

Sleepless nights, bodily feebleness and emotional stress

Merely deflated my connotation of love

Everything defeated me and left me unloved

Dissatisfaction left me with a feeling of emptiness

I turned to the one and only option that could gratify me

JESUS was the name resounding within me

He is the only source of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE

Truly He satiates us like no other

Psalm 34:8 Taste and see that the LORD is good

God’s will supreme!!

A tender need within us develops into a devouring desire

Desires constantly motivate our actions

Every thought, every move, ever act is accordingly built

While we run ahead seeking our own way, we tend to forget God!

We run away from his presence, and we do all that pleases us

Happiness is all about being satisfied with our wants and needs

Selfish desires relentlessly drive us, but do not satisfy us constantly!

This lack of satisfaction keeps us running from one desire to another

When all desires are extinguished and yet we feel empty and dissatisfied

The moment we come to the end of us, we begin to search for that forgotten God!

It’s that moment that changes our view of life!

Metamorphism from relying on oneself to relying on God

Creates synergies that cannot be understood immediately

Slowly develops itself into a living relationship with the divine

Which springs forth a new view of life with divine perspective

Walking with God is impossible without letting him lead the way

For, we know God’s will is supreme, to walk in it should be our only desire

And for sure, we know PATIENCE is the key not to let our will cross the line!

Isaiah 55:9

For as the heavens are higher than the earth,  so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.

My Heart’s song!

Darkness sweeps over me and I cannot see,
My sins overshadow me and my guilt is always there!
My weakness shows up its ugly face
I have nothing for myself, not  a thing have I gained
Fumes from a heavy heart blur my vision
With a broken and contrite heart I've fallen at your feet

You lift me up and sing to me
My mercies are new every morning!
My grace is sufficient for you!

Your words have comforted my weary soul
And I sing back to you with all my heart
All Glory and Honor be yours my King
Your name saves us and may your name be lifted up
My heart sings.. The Lord be Blessed!!

Worship is our way of life!

We were created for God’s pleasure

Yet we consider not this treasure!

We walk away, go astray, far from him!

Yet his mercy finds us against all whims!

The moment we find the touch, we are renewed..

And all we know is we are created to Worship GOD!!

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