The “SEED”

This is a Poem I wrote in Aug 2009 titled "The SEED" based on my favorite Bible Portion Romans 12 I'm posting this now, because this blog is here to stay for a while and I want to make use of it 🙂 It makes me wonder to see a tree blossom and bloom; The... Continue Reading →


Servant Leadership!

I know of a man who though a king was born in a mangerHe lived at a carpenter’s house with not many luxuriesParting the glory he once had, became a common manI was thinking hard if there has been a time when he compalinedIf he ever murmured about his earthly strugglesAll I could find was... Continue Reading →

Two sides of the same coin!

Flip a coin and you know at a point it can be either head or a tail Toss your life and you will see the same phenomenon I saw a caring, loving and a kind person But sooner realized one could become too possessive in love Intelligence I  thought could make someone behave good Well,... Continue Reading →

~To FAIL and not FALL~

I've time and again fallen prey for riding high on my dreams! I fantasy about things to come, too anxiously… I start believing that my dreams will turn true I involve myself rigorously in prayer Asking God to help me with my dream When the day dawns and I expect to win In a second... Continue Reading →

Two Sisters

I have always admired the Bible for ages Primarily for the way it comes alive each time Today was the turn of the two significant sisters Countless times I’ve read about them but this time The revelation brings me down to my knees Martha and Mary were loved immensely by Jesus Martha radiated her duty... Continue Reading →

Unconditional Love

As a child I perceived the things I see To be the most vital elements of happiness Colorful candy, the fragrant flower The perky butterfly, they all brought a smile As a juvenile I assumed love to be an expression When I got whatsoever I wanted from somebody I rolled into my teens and I... Continue Reading →

God’s will supreme!!

A tender need within us develops into a devouring desire Desires constantly motivate our actions Every thought, every move, ever act is accordingly built While we run ahead seeking our own way, we tend to forget God! We run away from his presence, and we do all that pleases us Happiness is all about being... Continue Reading →

My Heart’s song!

Darkness sweeps over me and I cannot see, My sins overshadow me and my guilt is always there! My weakness shows up its ugly face I have nothing for myself, not  a thing have I gained Fumes from a heavy heart blur my vision With a broken and contrite heart I've fallen at your feet... Continue Reading →

We were created for God's pleasure Yet we consider not this treasure! We walk away, go astray, far from him! Yet his mercy finds us against all whims! The moment we find the touch, we are renewed.. And all we know is we are created to Worship GOD!!

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