God’s Goodness and Mercy!

Yesterday was another day I became the recipient of goodness. I settled inside the cab hurriedly, not realizing that my seat belt was tucked under the seat. I asked my driver to pull the car to the left so that I can buckle myself to doze off for an hour and half journey. Half asleep... Continue Reading →



The one's who constantly look at my new eye glass frames wonder if I'm sunken in vanity. I've got a couple of frames in the last few months owing to my fluctuating power. This time around I went for a general health check up again to my annoyance my power has deteriorated, the doctor asked... Continue Reading →

Enjoy the Narrow Path

My little girls after their play time at the park is over, do something regularly. They love to balance themselves on a narrow cement divider that runs through the park.   They so love walking on that trail, they enjoy tripping along, taking help from each other, sometimes falling and then continuing to focus on... Continue Reading →

Short Circuit

Social media buzz last night on a massive fire at Asia's largest annual Exhibition that happens at Hyderabad made everyone emotional. It was shocking at first and worrisome for the fact that the crowds would have been consumed by fire. It was relieving to know that no lives were lost however there was huge loss... Continue Reading →


In the buzz of my busy life, I don't miss opportunities to get away alone with my husband. Though not a music enthusiast, I take pleasure in accompanying my husband. I would have never bothered to know names like Bach, Mozart, Brahms or Schubert if not for my husband who is a good musician himself.... Continue Reading →

The Devil Won

The moment my will was superior to Gods will, the Devil came sniffing The instant I let my guard down against being selfish, the Devil was smiling The places where I wanted to have my way, the Devil began playing The time I switched from looking at the good to the bad around, the Devil... Continue Reading →

The most high teacher

Its that time of the year for angels from all the realms of the world to begin their preparation for carol singing. A tradition for most church-goers. Carols are indispensable for Christmas. Well, our church choir has also started preparing! After Sunday service, we gather to practice the songs that we will sing as a... Continue Reading →


In an unpleasant incident rather would call it an error, our car's physical body was damaged to an extent that it looked absolutely grotesque. The disfigured look on the body did not in anyway let us look down upon the car we loved, the marred figure of the car we did not abandon. It was... Continue Reading →

Are you insured?

Everything can change in a moments time. A guileless evening transformed into a bombshell. An untold dent found itself a place on our new car last week, assuming that a stranger on a two wheeler fell on the door when the car was stationed somewhere between the narrow Indian roads. My husband went to claim... Continue Reading →

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