The Devil Won

The moment my will was superior to Gods will, the Devil came sniffing The instant I let my guard down against being selfish, the Devil was smiling The places where I wanted to have my way, the Devil began playing The time I switched from looking at the good to the bad around, the Devil... Continue Reading →


The most high teacher

Its that time of the year for angels from all the realms of the world to begin their preparation for carol singing. A tradition for most church-goers. Carols are indispensable for Christmas. Well, our church choir has also started preparing! After Sunday service, we gather to practice the songs that we will sing as a... Continue Reading →


In an unpleasant incident rather would call it an error, our car's physical body was damaged to an extent that it looked absolutely grotesque. The disfigured look on the body did not in anyway let us look down upon the car we loved, the marred figure of the car we did not abandon. It was... Continue Reading →

Are you insured?

Everything can change in a moments time. A guileless evening transformed into a bombshell. An untold dent found itself a place on our new car last week, assuming that a stranger on a two wheeler fell on the door when the car was stationed somewhere between the narrow Indian roads. My husband went to claim... Continue Reading →

The sheep hear HIS voice

My two wheeler is almost 5-6 years old, I can't be more than grateful to my husband for teaching me to ride, and also gift this bike. The vehicle has been instrumental in bringing synergy to our elaborate lifestyles. A month ago, soon after the vehicle was back from the service station I started hearing... Continue Reading →

Ask, seek, knock

An usual topsy turvy Sunday turned to increase my faith by a few measures. Jessica came running to me while I was trying to catch on some conversations. She confessed that her chain was found on her blouse, she couldn't find the cross pendant. She did the best thing by being honest while resisting her... Continue Reading →

Knowing and Doing Faith

The mystery of life has never been solved, it can only be lived. There exist myriad questions within each life, answers always mystifying. Solutions for life's complexity has never been straightforward. Despite life's convolutions, there is beauty in exploring this life with faith, hope and love. Life becomes exciting as we learn the subtle differences,... Continue Reading →

Learn to savour the moment

If you've read my post yesterday, you may find me contradicting, and incoherent. You will have to wait for my post tomorrow for lucidity. The local park on a average day has around 40-50 people in all, mostly mothers with their kids and elders who take their evening walks. I was startled one summer day... Continue Reading →

Learn the difference

I sat watching Jessica practice her tennis. She isn't too powerful with her shots bu7t she technically knows how to pick the ball and I'm so grateful she shows interest in learning The instructor, a young lady follows patterns and rigorous disciplines with the children. When the ball cart gets emptied, she asks the children... Continue Reading →

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