Most Common Pitfall

We are to order our lives by the light of His law, not our guesses about His plan. -- J. C. Ryle I was awakened by this quote so simple in its content yet so powerful in its message!   Jeremiah 29:11 - For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord,... Continue Reading →


Doggy and Doraemon

In an endeavor to make a photo journal of my kids, I took some time off, going through all the precious pictures through the last 6 years. One after another, each picture sketched my mind with their memories, my heart raced, joy plunged deep within. The indulgence was gratifying! The weather added to the joy,... Continue Reading →

The Tree and the Bird!

A stroll at my office walkway, a fresh dose of breeze wakes my sleeping mind, the sun rays sharp yet mild seeps in, waking my every cell. There are some days, where I want to spend a few more minutes just walking and soaking around in the mildness of the morning. Today, was one such day I... Continue Reading →

Steal, Kill, Destroy!

Busy days, packed with monotonous cycles of work kept me away from my little living pots. Thanks to my Nanny who just doesn't take care of my baby but does also water my plants when I'm busy. She's indeed God's provision, I'm extremely thankful and in awe of God who provides! After almost a week,... Continue Reading →

Greater Purpose of Pruning

The last few months have been eventful, the two incidents that hallmarks them are - My dad's younger brother who has blood cancer was on the ventilator a few months ago is now walking and normal, it is nothing less than a miracle. Two days ago one of my moms elder brother was on the ventilator and was... Continue Reading →

5 Years Reflection

As I reflect on the 5 years that went by, apart from seeing God's hand at work in my life. I also see how my attitude has developed over the years, I can't stop from learning lessons from the Parable of Talents by Jesus Christ The Parable has many Pearls of wisdom in it -... Continue Reading →


Healthy leaves have holes - Tender leaves Disappear - Naked stalks revealed! Demands Time - Effort of the Eyes - To Find who was behind this all!   Clutched, and Camouflaged - The worm voraciously fed itself. It lay unmoved by constant Ruffle - Still defending its Place! Either Remove the Parasite - Or Choose to wreck Life!  ... Continue Reading →

Lunch time Reflections

I was almost finishing my meal which included a boiled egg sandwich, veg salad, fruit juice and there was also raita which is a combination of onions, cucumbers, carrots, green chilies, tomatoes in curds. The chilies were too spicy making each spoon of the raita hard to eat. I sat patiently picking up the chilies and... Continue Reading →

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