Piece 9 – Self Control!

Picture Courtesy: brynhobson.weebly.com I took almost three long months to finish my series on the fruit of the Holy Spirit, however I'm rest assured that all of us will take a life time to completely bear the fruit! I had a purpose when I particularly chose orange fruit to be depicted - When you peel... Continue Reading →


Piece 8 – Gentleness

I'm a like a volcano - suddenly erupting and then slowing cooling down.. So unpredictable and so furious at times and at other times quite dormant. As I’m writing this post I’m being told that I need to be transformed from a volatile volcano to gentle dew!! Ahhh… that’s not a transformation, it’s not metamorphosis... Continue Reading →

Piece 7: Faithfulness

De Matanza (DM) - By any chance did you get to see our manager around?! Vino - Myself (V) - No! And the good news is he's on leave 🙂 DM - Ohhhh that’s great news, I have no interest in doing any work today and dint want to meet him for the rest of... Continue Reading →

Piece 6: Goodness

Goodness - a very generic word it can include whole host of things under its umbrella. To understand GOOD you need GOD since GOD is GOOD! From where did Good evolve?? As a child, my parents probably would have said good job my girl!! When I started crawling, then walking, then speaking and so on,... Continue Reading →

Piece 5: Kindness

Every-time I was thinking of writing about kindness one particular incident from the Bible always hit me. However I was not sure if that's the right incident that can inspire me to be more kind. Before I get to the incident I wanted to know what the bible says about it and what does the... Continue Reading →

Piece 4: Patience

Patience is a virtue, fees are exorbitant! I've not found an ideal model of someone who is PATIENT but a perfect example of being IMPATIENT can be none other than me. All my life, I've been always running ahead of time, making numerous mistakes of all sorts, well I am growing 😀 Being a woman... Continue Reading →

Piece 3: PEACE!

Well, its the third topic that I am writing on the fruit of the Spirit and I'm already feeling unworthy to write any further!! I think God wanted me to meditate seriously on the fruit of the spirit because it goes to show where I currently am and where God is taking me to. And... Continue Reading →

Piece 2 – JOY

It's quite a difficult topic for me to write about, but I believe its God's way of helping me spend time meditating about JOY as part of the fruit of the SPIRIT. I was at home the whole of yesterday and I tried to think about how JOYFUL I am as a person? And I... Continue Reading →

Piece 1 – LOVE

Love is just a four letter word, yet cannot be comprehended! The world has of course defined it in various forms, human beings from different race, culture, nation have all tried to define this word but have failed! What does LOVE signify to us as a fruit of the Holy Spirit?? I will not call... Continue Reading →

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